Scam or fraud: Airtel — Lost the scratch card code

Submitted by:  vivek1010

Complaint Details:
Hi Team,

I have purchased the airtel Top-p recharge of Rs30/- while scratching it, i have lost some digits of its pin number, please send me its recharge pin or recharge my mobile number, I’m sending you details of top-up card.

Serial No: 1732100269916695

Secret pin : 6021 *** *** 3977 (the digits mentioned over there not visible clearly)

My mobile no- 8149088840

I tried to drop mail to your team & but didnt got any response yet

Scam or fraud: HTC India — Complaint regarding service

Submitted by:  modivikas121

Complaint Details:
I have purchased my device last 5 month ago and 6 times i have visited to the center for single problem but no proper solution is me as soon as possible..
problem with the phone=it heats up and lock the screen after that stops the finger sensor to work..dn i have to unlock the device with pattern and then error on the screen ur sence home is not working..and then it hanks the phone badly.
kindly help me am fedup with the service ..i have tried many time this is my last mail to u to get solve my problem..if it stil remains..i will quit the htc forever and recomend my knowns get out of htc ..really fedup..wasting of money with the company

Scam or fraud: Tikona — Wrong Info about plan_Harrassment and threatening over phone

Submitted by:  panku_129

Complaint Details:
I have been using Tikona connection for past some time. But due to bad after sale service opted to leave the same. I put down a mail also in sept to close the account. I have also informed the customer care toll free no. and the local executive in Kolkata to close my account.

I took the plan as Pre-paid, but now all your people are saying that I was misinformed and the plan is post paid. This is utter mis information and up Sale techniques of your local agents.

I took it as a prepaid plan and only if I pay the plan need to be working. These people have been harassing me since then for the dues of 1729 even though when the first bill came of 805 in the trailing mail, I responded to suspend the same.

Last week only, one of the call centre executive called up and threatened me over phone that if I didn’t pay the due there will harmful consequences and will harass me over phone again and again. Ultimately need to block the number.

This is the way a National level company works.

Now These people are threatening via mail for legal the action. I am also a CA legal practitioner, lets resolve it this way then.

Scam or fraud: Telenor — ADD on Call time

Submitted by: Syed2214

Complaint Details:
Sir, when i call to anybody from my telinor sim first ill have to hear add sometime I hear 1-2 Add I have very much frustuated In emergency time I’ll have to wait in emergency situation please solve my problem as soon as possible.Please try to remove these add.I have also contacted telenor customer care but they told that we can’t do anything we don’t have any option.

Scam or fraud: — Not get amount of selling (delivered) orders.

Submitted by: sunil chetani

Complaint Details:
I m a registered seller on online selling e- commerce sites. i started selling on and they are selling my products online. in starting they give me amount for all of my delivered orders but in sep 2016 i get more than 25 orders and more than 20 orders are delivered but they did not give me any amount for my these orders and now i m calling them daily and they only says that they forwarded my payment sheet to their senior and he will process payment but he is not present in company from last 1 months because when i say i want to talk to him than they said he is on off every time. they always promise me to do my payment in next week but i did not get my payment from more than 70 days.

i really want a strict action against these type of fraud companies so that we can do our business easily.

Scam or fraud: Axis Bank — S.B. A/c no.91101001881381 magob branch,surat (gujarat)

Submitted by:  daryana

Complaint Details:
(1) I got a SMS from your bank on 15.11.2016 ” as a special convenience, enjoy
surcharge waiver across all petrol pumps on your axis bank debit card till
(2) on 21.11.2016 I used my axis bank debit card attached with above bank a/c
for INR 270.00 .
(3) On 23.11.2016, I got a SMS from your bank debiting INR 11.50 towards
(4) I have also lodged on line complaint few days before, but no reply till today.
(5) today, i approached your VESU Branch, surat(gujarat) for above. but
surprisingly rather than hearing my complaint, i was advised to approach
servicing branch. this type of behaviour/ignorance defines the way of your bank officials to deal a complaint.

Scam or fraud: Blue Dart Express — Customer care assured delivery 4 times but not delivered.

Submitted by: Natasha Perry Thomas

Complaint Details:
Airway bill number: 42501794926
Twice the shipment came in when i was not at home. After that 4 times i called up customer care and they assured the shipment will be delivered on the said day and hence i stayed at home. All the four times it has not yet been delivered. This is getting frustrating now. The first executive i spoke to…i do not remember the name. The other 3 i spoke to were Shubhangi, Radhika and Alisha. All of them promised that the shipment will be delivered. Radhika on the 3rd of dec confirmed that the shipment is out for delivery. I was hence at home. Just an hours after i spoke to her on the online tracking site it was updated that the premises is restricted. The delivery guy did not even come to the society. I called back Radhika and she said it will be delivered today. Alisha also confirmed that it will be delivered today but seems they are just fooling customers.

Scam or fraud: Reliance Communications — I can change Postpaid plan but not response

Submitted by:  ap4143

Complaint Details:
Dear sir,
I have use reliance postpaid contation for last 4 month, my mobile no 7048307048 & paln rs. 397.
But recently i have not use this plan i have many call to customer care & zonal manager but his are not response to me and i’m not seticfiy his company service,
Last 20 day’s i visit reliance store but store are last 25 day’s close,
My bill amount are 20 day plus rate,
I hope you slove this problm, i attecht image to call a customer care & zonal manager.

Scam or fraud: — Wrong and damage products delivered

Submitted by: TanweerAnsari

Complaint Details:
Greeting for the day,

Dear Sir,
I regret to inform you that My name name is Md Tanweer Parwez Ansari and I placed order 3 products
1) order no is 080467728074788.
64 GB EVO Samsung micro sd card this product not working .

2) order no is 080467763894195 .
128 Gb EVO Samsung micro sd card but I received 64 GB this product wrong delivered.
3 )order no is 08046774440915.
VR Box This product is damage .
I am trying many many time contact to your customer care no but did not reach and I expenses more then 100 mobile balance. What is this why are you doing such type of things only for the toucher to customers

So I requested to you kindly revert me and resolve my problem as soon as possible other wise take legal action about your company .
Thanking you!

Tanweer Ansari

Scam or fraud: Apple India — I phone 5C

Submitted by:  amriwala

Complaint Details:

Apple Incorporation

Re: Complaint regarding iPhone 5C

Dear Sir,

I’m a regular customer of Apple and apple products .But this particular handset iPhone 5C has been giving me lot of trouble ever since I had purchased it in March, 2014.

The problems started immediately after I purchased the iPhone . The handset has several performance issues, which are as follows :

1) Weak battery

2) The touch screen of the phone hangs frequently.

3) The applications of the phone don’t open up easily.

4) The list of contacts in the phone book doesn’t get displayed. Whenever I click on my phone book icon, it shows ” # No Name ” as a result, making me feel handicapped. Due to this issue I’m unable to function and carry out my daily routine work and business related work.

5) The handset gets heated up easily. Even a short tele-conversation of 20-30 seconds affects my iPhone, and it gets heated immediately.

As, I’ve mentioned earlier, the problems started immediately after I purchased the iPhone. It showed low performance during the first 6 months itself, which gave me doubts that probably my handset is defective. I had to make repeated visits to the Apple service center in my city. The technicians have several times conducted technical operations and servicing on my iPhone . My handset used to work properly but again the same old issues used to re-surface after 1 month after undergoing servicing. I have also contacted apple care umpteen times in Bangalore and they have tried to help me but it was of no avail.

My iPhone doesn’t open any apps and neither it is displaying the contact list. I had purchased it for Rs 45, 000/- but it isn’t performing any functions. I’m only being able to receive calls, as would be the case with any ordinary telephone. Apart from this, I’ve suffered heavy business loss due to this defective handset.Hence I request you to replace my handset and provide me with a brand new handset, at the earliest, so that I can continue as Apple’s loyal customer. If your company is unable to replace it with a new handset then I will have to appeal Consumer court to file a case against Apple Inc, to end my woes.