Scam or fraud: Nikhil International Packers & Movers — consignment not yet moved from the pickup location

Submitted by: Lekhraj Gupta

Complaint Details:
My consignment which includes my 3 motor vehicle, 1 AC, 1 Fridge and lot of other house hold items were picked on 21st of April’18. The whole amount has been paid advance and the package has not yet moved from Delhi which has to be delivered to Mirzapur, UP. It has been more than a month where the consignment was supposed to be delivered in next 10 days. Worst service experience. Amit- Doesn’t answer the calls and now they are asking us to pay 9000 Rs. more if we want them to deliver the service.

Scam or fraud: Domino’s Pizza — amount not returned after cancellation by domino pizza

Submitted by: suraj.cuj

Complaint Details:
I am booked one pizza of rs. 173.00 Order no. -307. on the date of 14 april 2018. But pizza will not be delivered after next day i got a message from Domino’s “dear guest your refund of Rs.173.00 is now successfully processed, amout will be credit in your bank within 3-5 business day” but Todat On 23 may 2018, i m not get any refund amount .so please complain my resister, do something for good future for other person and me also.

Scam or fraud: Earth Infrastructures — saphire court noida

Submitted by: param kirpal

Complaint Details:
We have invested in commercial property in earth sapphire court. Builder promised for assured return cheque till possession. However same has been stopped since sep 2015 & the last update we received from buider is in may 2016 stating we are approaching towards possession of the project, “earth sapphire court” situated at plot no. 48, knowledge park-v, greater noida, u. P. Where you have booked a unit. Ever since then we have been chasing builder for update on assured return cheque / possession but no reply.
To whoom should we contact for law proceedings, if a collective group is formed then please let me know .
Param [protected] .
Kanpur .

Scam or fraud: Sterling Holidays Resorts — membership

Submitted by:  lalit sabita

Complaint Details:
Dear sir /madam
1 I am a member of sterling holiday resort . ID 1219820
2 I paid 5 lac plus amount for membership
3 Whenever i apply for rooms, non availability is a routine .
4 e.g now i applied for 17, 18, 19 june 2018 at mussorie daancing leaves. First they asked for Rs 18880 as annual maintenace . i paid on same day . After i paid they said rooms not available on given dates .
5 At ooty in dec 2017, i was confirmed two big rooms but later offered small rooms, reason non availabilty .
6 At goa, dec 2017, i stayed at my own in different property . reason non availabilty at sterling .
7 They have total rooms in all resorts 1000 only . total members 50000 . they are still making more.
8 Selling one property to more than 50 persons simultaneously is termed as cheating .
Totally dissatisfied. requesting them to refund my money proportional to remaining period of membership .
will move for civil action under consumer court and criminal action for cheating in criminal court

Scam or fraud: Ansal Housiing & Const. Ltd — non payment of over matured fixed deposit

Submitted by: Pradeep kumar tandon

Complaint Details:
As per National Company Law Tribunal New Delhi bench order dated 3rd. oct.2016 The company was bound to make payment of balance principal amount of fixed deposit against FDR.No.172350 as on[protected],[protected] & on[protected] to redeem lakh with interest but company refuse to abide by the order inspite of telephonic discussion with Secretary and Email

Scam or fraud: D-Mart / Avenue Supermarts — rude behavior and bad service

Submitted by:  Aalok Sanghvi

Complaint Details:

Shyamal road D Mart Store-Ahmedabad:
Date: 23rd May 2018
My Name: Aalok
My Email ID:

First, i was being stopped rudely at the entrance and despite me carrying an empty bag that too of D Mart as my mother is a loyal customer. Then when i requested that it is an empty bag and i am here to buy only two things so you should not have any issues or doubts about stealing! the guards asked me to go back to baggage counter outside in 45 degree heat! i asked them to make me request the manger and then arrived Mr Bhatt who was more rude than the guards! He said though it is not written anywhere and though i am actually carrying the D Mart empty bag- i still have to go outside to baggage counter and do this. the tone was very rude and the words were “No matter what others do, we always have this rule here- everyone has to follow and hence you also must go out!”. Shocking moment as for someone who is so used to Grocery shopping, it was a first of its kind experience. I did as Mr Bhatt ordered, came into the store- picked up your Mango merry drink (not sure why my mom like your store, price i guess!) and pouch of your confectionery (which i struggled finding and the lady who i requested just bothered as much to tell me that it will be somewhere in a set of racks!). Worst, for 3 items and a bill value of INR 104, i had to stand in a queue for 10 min, not because your store was flooded with shoppers- because you decided to operate only one express counter out of 3. I requested Mr. Bhatt again and not to my surprise, he ignored and went on with his stroll. I could sense amazing arrogance and for the rest of the shopping, i went to a Star Bazar store- 1 km away from your store- trust me; the service and experience was completely opposite to your store. Obviously, i am not coming again. Surely, i will ask my mom to stay away from D Mart but for a company who has so much of public interest and trust in a short span of time- i wish you luck for sustaining your success in coming time!

Expected Resolution: Not sure how you will improve your service standards, Maybe a round of Training to Mr Bhatt and his gang!

Scam or fraud: AAJ Tak — about ajana anchor of your chnnel

Submitted by:  Dr.Alok Pandey

Complaint Details:
Your news anchor Anjana Kashyap don’t have manners to speak who doesnt use the Sh or Smt and “Ji” last after the name of any person such as Narendra Modi, Governor, and any respected person. She is very vergal lady in entire news anchor of TV channel. Please say her to use manners when she speak any respected persons of Indian history or religious persons.

Scam or fraud: People-Group / People Interactive India — lustful man

Submitted by: Reema Chhabra

Complaint Details:
I am 32 yrs old and I met a man through who looked and behaved as Gentleman. When I saw him, I rejected him on the spot but he kept on calling me that I am very much interested in you, let us spent sometime and then we will get married.We started meeting and somehow I was mentally convinced by him and inclined.He was the father of 17 yrs old son and I was ready to accept him.His age was 53 which later on I discovered as he had mentioned as 41. I inclined towards him and we dated for 2 years. At the beginning he said that we will understand for a one year and then we will get married and I was agreed on this point. After one year, when I started asking him to get married then he started lingering on and later on he said that he only wants a Live in Partner and don’t want to marry.Before me also, he met some females and did the same. I was very upset. He then started ignoring me because I always insisted him to marry.I was very much depressed with his act that I tried to commit suicide. I cried like a hell with a regret that what I had done, why I trusted him as I am divorced and have had been through a severe critical past and again this thing happened with me.It made me totally broken then I decided to expose him for which I have mentioned the whole story above.
Person Details:
Name: Sunil Sharma
Address: Santacruz, Mumbai
Please don’t trust this man as he is a fraud and do not get attracted by wine and dine with him as only looks females to fulfil his lust.

Scam or fraud: Zomato — not refunding the amount

Submitted by:  krishna sai prattipati

Complaint Details:

Order ID: [protected]

I have ordered the food in zomato and paid the extra charges for extra quantity, but they provided me worst service. The food quantity is not even equivalent to the normal charge but I paid extra amount for extra food also. And also the food got cool down completely then whats the use of delivery charges..
they did chat with me for continuous more than 2 hours..
I facing issues like this repeatedly but zomato is simply looting the money and trying to manipulate with offer codes.
even in the chat messages they are answering same nonsense repeatedly.
If I am asking for complaint mail ID’s and twitter social accounts they are not providing.
they are simply telling that they will serve best in future, why should I pay now if they are serving better in future I will also pay better amount in future.
please solve this ASAP and refund my full amount.

Scam or fraud: Gopaisa — jabong casback not confirmed

Submitted by: amita GIROTRA

Complaint Details:
Gopaisa offers cashback on transactions made through it. i made a transaction with account to jabong and pending cashback was 250 which was expected to confirm in 2 months but now after 7 months they are telling me that jabong hasnt paid them commission, , , so they cant do anything and will not pay amount. it is totally unethical