Scam or fraud: Truenet Commerce — request for for 2nd imei serial number for flipkart order no. od111306637036440000 – invoice no. faba6p1800911798 dated 18.01.2018

Submitted by: Ahtnory Dsouza

Complaint Details:

OD[protected] Invoice no. FABA6P[protected] DATED 18.01.2018

On 09/10/2018 at around 7:30 to 8:00 PM my Redmi Note 4 black mobile
was theft. My son Anthory purchased the mobile online on 18.01.2018
through Flipkart Order no. OD[protected]. Attached Invoice no.
FABA6P[protected] DATED18.01.2018 for your ready reference and record.
In this invoice only one IMEI no. [protected] mentioned. Can you
please provide second IMEI number please. The police track cell
requested to give the second IMEI number.

Scam or fraud: Amazon India — product delivery date was 11 oct but yet(15/10/2018) not delivered

Submitted by:  am26061992

Complaint Details:

I had ordered the following from during Great India Sale:
-1 Mobile Back cover
-1 Mixer Grinder
-1 Trimmer
Order date: 10/10/2018
Delivery Date:11/10/2018(Prime Member)

After that Everyday I called the Amazon Customer Support and they misguide me like “Product will surely reach today”.
And now they are asking me to processing your refund.
I need compensation and product in same discount that was given.

Scam or fraud: Medi Assist India — claim not settled delay


Complaint Details:

Dear Sir,

Claim ID [protected]C[protected]
Member ID [protected]P[protected]

The history of my claim is appeared in the portal as below;-
1.Claim was received by IBA Care on 23.08.2018
2.Claim was approved on 28.08.2018 for Rs.30, 127/-
3.Payment initiated on 04.09.2018
4.Payment failed on 06.09.2018
(though the latest account details alongwith physical cancelled cheque sent with claim they forget to update the same please note)
5.Account details updated on 20.09.2018 by IBA Care.
They informed me the amount will be credited at the earliest but till date not done.

I request you to initiate steps for credit the same at the earliest. I have already sent 15 mails regarding this.
Canara bank
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Dear Sir,

Above my claim is approved and settlement is pending more than two months.Please take steps with insurer for payment.
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Dear Sir,

Till date the subject claim is not settled. Please do the needful.



Scam or fraud: Premiumcollection — lehnga

Submitted by: Preeti Neeraj Bhardwaj

Complaint Details:

Fraud online company they give you COD facility but product is different inside package.
They even did not respond on mail and phone numbers are switch off.

They provide you 2 numbers and both will b switch off so be careful they are doing can not see the parcel because courier company would not allow you.
If any one having there number or address please let me know

Scam or fraud: Street Dog Menace — street dog at nowroji road biting residents

Submitted by: T_Mani

Complaint Details:

I have been facing problem from street dogs at Nowroji Road, Second Street for the past few months. Today also one black dog bite my leg and I had to rush to a hospital for one-month treatment. The black dog is reportedly stays near the Pillayar Temple (corner building) and opposite to the road-side laundery and water can suppliers.

Request authorities concerned to initiate URGENT action to take away the Dogs from Nowroji Road


Scam or fraud: Food Panda — refund still not credited after 10 working days

Submitted by: Raghu K35

Complaint Details:

On 26/09/2018 placed order in food panda with order id – w0bd-07h7 after the payment, order got cancelled from restaurant end. Got mail from food panda regarding refund initiation with in 7-10 business days. Still no refund has credited when discussed the same with live support team in food panda app they asked for bank statement. Why should I submit my bank statement? Why can’t you solve the issue from your side?

Scam or fraud: Ocean Infotech Solution — they threatened me

Submitted by:  Ismail12

Complaint Details:

Mere pass bhi ek din call ayi ki apko data entry ki job krni hai mene keh diya ki mujhe krni unhone kha ki apne detail mujhe bhej do, uske baad unhone kha ki work kb se krna chate ho mene kha two days after mene pocha ki koi charges toh nhi dene hai unhone kha nhi lekin mere pass koi work nhi aya, uske 15 days ago call me kehte hai ki apne koi work nhi kiya apko 4500 penealty dene hai nhi tho appe legal action liya jayga lekin mene unhe paise nhi diya aur mene call call ane lgi ki apko penealty dene hai meri mail per message ate rehte hai ki apko penealty deni hai nhi tho apko court ana padega lekin mai koi reply nhi krta

mai sabhi logo se request krtta hoon ki yeh company fake hai aur hum sub ko iska milkr samna krna hai koi bhi inke baatho per barosa na kre yeh logo se fraud krke paise lete hai

Please help me

Scam or fraud: Telangana Southern Power Distribution Company [TSSPDCL] — meter struck

Submitted by: subhash850

Complaint Details:

Name: Subhash Reddy L

My electricity meter got struck, however i received a bill of 1348 rs. Looks like it was taken on an average from previous months. I’m out of station for the past 2 months and my flat is vacant. So there was no electricity consumed in the last billing period.

I talked to AE and Lineman, looks like they can’t help here. I’m ready to pay minimum bill, but definitely not full amount. Please reverse the charges.

Scam or fraud: Genpact Hafeezpet Hyderabad — genpact parking security is rude parking issue

Submitted by: AlphaBetaGamma

Complaint Details:
GENPACT before calling to interviewee please allow interviewee for there bike parking facility inside. Main reason is if your security is soft or helping in nature then no problem but fact is they won’t bother to suggest to the interviewee to park in wrong place at non parking area outside of your Genpact building. I went for interview there is no two wheeler parking whoever going for attending the interviews, security won’t allow to park inside as per rules of Genpact, they will tell to park at non parking place, suddenly same day my bike and other bikes are trolled by police to traffic police station. That’s really bad experience, i came out of interview due to that tense after long process of 6 hours of interview i came out of interview due to this tense. i took my bike back after hassles. Attitude of Genpact security is highly bad and most neglected persons. Control this security who are merciless should control by management of Genpact building otherwise rude Hydera-bad-ies will attack them add some soft nature in them to handle softly with the professionals. Genpact should learn to give respect to the interviewee.

Scam or fraud: Credit Mantri — calls from credit mantri

Submitted by:  bejubhanu1969

Complaint Details:

I am fed up with the calls from Credit Mantri, irrespective of warning them that I do not want their services. This is a Fraud company.
I have taken the subscription to resolve my CBill rating as I had gone for some settlement around 10 years before due to financial issues. The settlement amount was paid on time. However Credit mantri says that to resolve my issues in Cbill rating I have to pay the balance amount due i.e. make the full payment to the bank and then my Cbill rating will be increased.

Are Credit Mantri taking the amount of Rs. 750/- as registration charges to resolve my issue or the bankers. If this is the case I can directly approach the bank to clear it. Why I should take Credit Mantri’s help.
So instruct to delete all my records from their company and do not make any phone calls to me in future.