Scam or fraud: Nokia India — nokia 3310 – not functioning

Submitted by: ashokmw

Complaint Details:

Dear team,

I bought Nokia[3310] a box piece on 08th May 2018 through Amazon from the seller Appario Retail Private Ltd, Anajaneya Infrastructure Project No 38 & 39, Soukya Road, Kacherakanahalli, Hoskore taluka, Bangalroe Rural District, Bnagalore Karnataka 560067.

This phone is stopped functioning from last 1 month. Issue is the screen was stuck in one position and later it was stopped functioning at all.

Try no: 1
To report this I searched Amazon team in online, in which the efforts were in vain as no such platform or a team is available to register the compliant.

Try No: 2

Later, I visited near nokia service centre in malleswaram bangalore, where I was told that, there is no service for feature phone models 3310 or so. And it was told go for replacement as it was within the warranty date.

Try No: 3

Next, luckily I found a number in the invoice for return/placement policy. When I called for 1st time I was assured by nokia to pick the device with 48 hours which was 17th Nov 2018. Today 30th Nov, still pick up guy is yet to reach.

Surprisingly I was told that, the mobile will be picked on the condition if box and accessories available. As matter of fact, I’ve been cheated by Nokia Ltd for the selling the faulty device and now I’m looking forward for the replacement/the cost of device. Just because I do not have the box or accessories, denying the replacement is utter policy and against the right for replacement. I condemn and raise the object for such policy.