Scam or fraud: Kapil Chit Funds — bid offer form not showing and minutes book running wish basis

Submitted by: indorajesh2000

Complaint Details:

In Bhongir Branch Kapil ChitFund (Neaer to Area Hospital ), as i am chit member, at the time of participation in chit Bid, if i ask Chit Offer if ask they were not showing offer form and raising words on me, we dont have any rights to show the offer form to chit member, as they wish making enteries into minutes Books.

if they shown also signature not validating with Documents. Even if i ask also manager is not showing the minutes book, As the wish basis they were running the Chitfund, Even the registar is also not existing in Bhongir, if i ask the details of Nalgonda Registar address they were not telling ..

Dont know any form or else these type of problems will reach out to registar and will take care of those things.. it my humbel request to all of them, dont participation of chits with kapil, paying GST + CHIT registration charges and Document charges +all put to gether leaving Bank recaring deposit will get more benfits.

one more thing, when we lift the chit we have to give the security to rest of the amounts, where as the number of installments if we pays who is gurentee, if they company lifts governamnt cases will take years ..unnesasary risks we are going to take care.