Scam or fraud: Kurukshetra University — revaluation process, dmc

Submitted by:  RamanDeep04

Complaint Details:

It is stated that i was a student of dayanand mahila mahavidyalya, kurukshetra which is affiliated from kurukshetra university and i passed out in 2018 after completing my graduation (B. A) without any re-appears.

I was not satisfied with my scores that i got in semester 5 and 6, so i filled the revaluation for both of the semesters. I have got the receipt for the semester 5th which was dated on 21-05-18, book no. 714, rt. No.92, the result of the semester 5th came out long ago (Almost 6 months) but my dmc hasn’t arrived yet.

Moreover, in the case of 6th semester dmc which was dated on 18-07-18, book no. 137, rt. No. 82, no result has been announced yet, it’s been almost 4 months. Furthermore, if the result of 6th semester is not going to be announced soon, i want my original dmc back without any revaluation since i cannot wait for it more longer.

The problem is, that the process is making me wait for too long and because i have applied in a university abroad, i need my 5th and 6th semester dmcs as getting dmcs for the admission process is extremely important. I need to submit my DMCs as fast as I can. I have already submitted my fees in university abroad and i cannot wait any longer. So. I request you to resolve my problem otherwise Kurukshetra University will be responsible for this.

Roll no. 5344921