Scam or fraud: Ministry Of Civil Aviation — transaction error

Submitted by: Himanshu chapre

Complaint Details:

On 13th and 14th July I applied for online examination forms on filled the details and choose credit card for fees payment. I filled the required details and the transaction was completed and both times the money was deducted from my account but the page got stuck at last step and my form was not submitted both the times. I received message as well that amount has been deducted for Ministry of Civil Aviation.

Scam or fraud: Bangalore Water Supply & Sewerage Board [Bwssb] — manhole cover broken and sewerage water flowing on the road

Submitted by: Sanjay Alloys

Complaint Details:
Our office is at B. Oosman Khan Road, Opp. to Mysugar Building, Town Hall Circle, Bangalore 560 002. In front of our office the manhole broken and waste water (sewerage) is flowing on the road for the past one week, no body has taken action. Kindly advice the concern person to take immediate action we will stay without smell and flys.
Sanjay Gupta

Scam or fraud: Aqua Care Ion Exacense — service not provided money collected

Submitted by:  chandrashekar shenoyp

Complaint Details:
Client id22684 service contract no 8029
Money collected Rs 10525/.for service
Not provided service till day.
Kindly provide service at the earliest
Or return money with interest your
Mail I’d I have posted mails but failed mail bounced back.give some valued mail I’d to contact
If I don’t get rreply or service not provided
Within 3 working days.
I will proceed legally to recover the amount+ interest+ legal chargers+ ecpencess incured there in
Kindly reply or else face problem

Scam or fraud: University Of Madras — convocation certificate will I get before I die

Submitted by: Satheesh Addugula

Complaint Details:

In 2009 i completed my graduation, i didnot received convocation certificate, there is no online facility for madras university, so i went fron state to state by taking 2 days leave from my office. When i showed my fee paid recept…they said with out any acknowledgement we will sent in 30days its been 90 days, i went to post office every 15 days like a mad…didt received any certificate …what a pathetic service when i call them no one picks the phone…god unkowingly done a course here when i asked for phone number to check status they are telling no phone go go from here…treating me like animal…donno if they want some money…i am ready to pay…donno before i die i will get the certificate or not…

Scam or fraud: Cars24 Services — my amount is put on halt for non justifiable reason

Submitted by:  sanjeetSinghKatiyar

Complaint Details:
I have sold my car in jaipur to one of your branch we agreed on one specific amount and after paper work they have halt 20000 rs by saying there is tampered in odometer so amount is halt.
I have sent my car for 2 times for inspection and after deal they cannot denied the agreement. I want my amount the car model is Hyundai i20 and Registration number is RJ32CA2991

Scam or fraud: Mahindra And Mahindra — cheating customers in kakinada mahindra showroom

Submitted by: Venkat Reddy Dwarampudi

Complaint Details:
I purchased Mahindra TUV 300 T10 Dual tone vehicle on 31 st March at M&N motors KAKINADA . They promised us Bonus of 46000rs as cash back after 45 days for which they took a cheque for 46000rs from us at the time of purchase as we exchanged our old vehicle (Swift Dezire).
But after lot of enquiry during and after 2 months now they are telling that the bonus was rejected. with out any proper reason The response from the showroom person Mr . Govind Rao is very rude

Scam or fraud: Lakme — hair straightening

Submitted by: Priyagup03

Complaint Details:

I want to register a complaint regarding my recent visit to Lakme, Kalamboli Mumbai. I visited salon for hair straightening which was costing me approx. 6k, the consultant there told me to go for straight gloss therapy(which was expensive one), since I wanted poker straight hair I asked them to go for hair straightening only but they convinced me to go for ‘straight Gloss therapy’ by saying that it will give same poker straight hair plus its good for hair, its cost was 8k.After their assurance I went for the expensive one.But after the first wash when I washed my hair by myself I could not see the expected result.

I did complain to the salon and they called me at the salon to check.The manager(Ms. Snehal) of the salon tried to convince me that they give this result only in straight gloss therapy but I said that I asked for poker straight hair which was my requirement.

After a lot of discussion she accepted her mistake and asked stylist to do it again on only half of my hair.But I could see no result even after that.

This was my worst experience in Lakme and I will never visit it again.I ended up paying 10k(8k for straightening plus shampoo and mask) with out any output plus they did it twice on my hair which could damage it. Really a pathetic experience. Please do not cheat customer by suggesting an expensive service without just knowing the requirement of the customer and hire person who can actually do the work properly.

P.S: I have done straightening twice before so I know the difference that how hair look after straightening so do not try to convince me on that. I can show you my pics also after your so-called straight gloss therapy.

Highly disappointed! Will not recommend it to anyone. Ever!

Scam or fraud: Helios and Matheson Information Technology Limited — nonpayment of term doposit alonwith interest

Submitted by:  rppatelkyn

Complaint Details:

I Rakesh Pravinkumar Patel & my wife Sheetal Rakesh Patel had invested in Helios & Mathesons Information Technology Limited having Regd. office at Cybervale #02-01, Mahindra World City, Chennai – 603002. Details as follows:

Term Deposit Receipt No: CBD037619 Date: 10.04.2013 for Rs. 25000/- Maturity Date: 10.04.2016.

Term Deposit Receipt No: CBD037620 Date: 10.04.2013 for Rs. 25000/- Maturity Date: 10.04.2016.

before maturity we had received a letter from the company not to deposit the Cheques, as there is some financial problems and which will be sorted out soon. In the mean time my financial advisor, Chintan Investments collected the original receipts and cheques from us to process the same for payment,
But since long time he also could not sort this matter, we recollected the same from our advisor.

Request you to kindly look in to this matter and awaiting for favorable reply.

Thanks & best regards.
Rakesh Patel
Kalyan west.
Cell: [protected]

Scam or fraud: Airtel — auto deducting amount for whatsmob services

Submitted by: Sneha Rajiv

Complaint Details:
I recharged for an amount of 250₹ and my account was deducted by 150/- for Whatsmob services that I did not even ask for ! The same had happened once before, an amount of 75/- was deducted earlier. I deactivated the service but I want a refund of the amount that was deducted from we for a service that I did not even use ! Why can’t u ask the customer before deducting amount from their accounts?? What kind of theft is this ? Really upset with the service !

Scam or fraud: One Assist — cancellation of my relationship number : 2366804

Submitted by:  Nand Kishor Pant

Complaint Details:
Dear Team,
I got inbox message stating Transaction of Rs. 1399 has been made on ICICI Credit Card ending XX9003 on 12th July at OneAssist Consumer Solutions without my knowledge. This is like a illegal thing. Deactivate as soon as possible and refund the above mentioned amount before taking further action . My relationship number is 2366804.
Nand Kishor