Scam or fraud: — only women yellow printed round neck t-shirt

Submitted by:  Divya Burman

Complaint Details:
Hello, myself divya from Mumbai, I ordered a product from (online shopping site) i ordered on 26th of November 2017 i havent yet recieved the product n i have done online payment via debit card…i got a msg i will b getting the product by 30th of Nov n till 30th i did not recieved the product also i got a message from myntra that sorry for the delays n inconvenience ur product will b delived till 4th of december 2017 i did not recieved it yet…i called on customer service excecutive actually on complaint no [protected] the guy spoke really rude to me as well as he was asking all my debit card details along with the 3 digit cvv no…dats really an confidential thing i do not think any1 shud b asking that they can misues our cards …i did not gave i asked him to refund my money…he spoke really rude i want you guyz to take an action against dis …also my product detail is ONLY (brand name) Women yellow printed round neck t-shirt…ORDER NO -1063583-9977167-2955203 amount paid was Rs.335.58/

Scam or fraud: Axis Bank — gatiya service

Submitted by:  @neeraj g

Complaint Details:
Axis bank bahut bekar Bank hai. Iske employee usse bi bekaar ke hai agar kisi senior se baat karni ho to bolte hai senior bahar bathe huye hai agar senior bahar bethe hai to bank Band ker do Or employee itne busy hai ki kaam to koi hai ni for bi time ni unke pass bahut bahut gatiya service jammu bank ki hai.main sabse request karta hu ki koi bi is bank main na jaye

Scam or fraud: Chennai Matrimony — very worst services and total waste of my money

Submitted by: ankuraj567

Complaint Details:

Very worst services and total waste of my money.., they are cheated my amount.., i am not satisfied services (Only booking not used) . refund my money. They are not working and not proper services and they cheated my money.. So dont use any type services in Chennai matrimony services…

Very worst services.., very worst services.., very worst services.., very worst services.., very worst services.., …

Scam or fraud: Refollium — refollium farse

Submitted by: BobbyF

Complaint Details:
I have the same complaint as the previous person: I paid Rs. 1880 for a 30 day trial, only to find out I have to get a DHT Blocker to make this work. Then, they automatically sent me another box of Refollium, which I did not order. We thought it was something else that we were waiting for. I really hope something can be done to stop these people/this company.

Scam or fraud: Kotak Life Insurance — second inningsplan

Submitted by: ganu1966

Complaint Details:
I, Col Ganesh Bhat, have an insurance policy with Kotak since 2010. I had applied for surrender(Request ID 4714780) of my policy at Jaipur office which has been declined. My complaint is as follows:-
a) No one from Kotak has contacted me till date to explain the reasons whereas I was told after submitting my application that someone from head office will contact me to know the reasons for surrender.
b) I contacted the toll free number and came to know the reason was signature mismatch.
c) The officials at Jaipur office were very rude when I had gone to submit my application and refused initially to accept my request.
I want my money back immediately and would like to appeal to all future customers and present ones associated with Kotak to learn from my experience and AVOID ANY ASSOCIATION WITH THEM.

Scam or fraud: Beam Protocol(neeraj Shukla And Ankit Bobal) — salary and fraud

Submitted by: Balram Uike

Complaint Details:
बीम प्रोटोकॉल नाम से चला रहे नीरज शुक्ल और अंकित बोबल नाम से दो व्यक्ति ने मेरे ही साथ नहीं बल्कि बहुत से नए युवको के करियर के साथ खिलवाड़ किया है ये जॉब के नाम पर हायरिंग करके उनसे काम करवाकर २, ३ महीने की सैलेरी नहीं देते है और उनको सैलरी मांगने पर छूट बोलकर या दरारते है ये लोग पहले हुम्मनरेसौर्सेस और अब बीम प्रोटोकॉल के नाम से कंपनी बताते है और आगे भी पता नहीं कितने नो जवानो के साथ इस तरह का खिलवाड़ करेंगे
में देश के नेताओ और देश के करता धर्ता से ये पूछता हु की इस तरह यदि देश में लोग धोखादड़ी करते रहे तो क्या अचे दिन आएंगे क्या देश आगे बढ़ेगा क्या कोई किसी पर विश्वाश करेगा आखिर ऐसा कब तक
में जानता हु ये सुब करने के बाद भी किसी की आंक नहीं खुलेगी पर फिर भी में लोगो तक ये बात पहुँचाउगा इन्हे इनकी करनी की सजा मिलनी चाहिए

Scam or fraud: Naaptol Online Shopping — worst speaking nature with the customer and indiscipline of explaining about the product to the customer

Submitted by: Swapna Kamble

Complaint Details:
They have very worst way of explaining about the product information and when a customer is unhappy with the product dint have proper way of making them understand abt the product. Worst speaking way with the coustmer regarding any product or confusion of the product for the customer.Aak them to first sapek with the customer and clear the customer doubt regarding the product properly

Scam or fraud: Bling Accessories — scratchgard

Submitted by: maadhesh

Complaint Details:

Order No. : SG/ONL/2017-2018/10354

We have received parcel then open cover but it is very shocking items too much and im disappointed this material are very small size not comfortable fit the screen so size is not match blackberry keyone, also they are self cutting screen but it is not original scratchcard superclass and it is plastic material so iam upsetting expenses of rs.900 too much and i contact to them but he said “what can do !! it is original items”

please let him refund the amount


Scam or fraud: HP India — hp 802 2-pack small black original ink cartridges(product no:l0s21aa)

Submitted by: anita1968

Complaint Details:
We had ordered
HP 802 2-pack Small Black Original Ink Cartridges(Product No:L0S21AA) on October 16, 2017. We received the order and had kept the cartridges in their original packing till they were needed. On 4 November, we opened the pack to install the cartridges but an error message that the cartridges were defective repeatedly flashed on the computer. This happened with both cartridges in the pack. We then installed another cartridge from another pack(also bought from hponline store)and this finally worked.
We are regular customers of hponline store and this is the first instance where we have received defective cartridges. In order we had to remove the packing of the cartridges and also peel away the cellophane strip covering the coded potion.
Kindly replace these cartridges or return the amount paid(Rs.1253)
Further, two other cartridges(802-small;same as above) ordered in Shipment #000318483 for Order #300000034679 are also defective, which makes for a total of four cartridges which are paid for, but unusable. Please refund the amount paid (Rs.1253×2=Rs2506) or replace the cartridges at a location which is in Mangalore.

Scam or fraud: Oneassist Consumer Solutions — money deducted from my credit card without any information

Submitted by:

Complaint Details:

Hello there

I Received SMS from hdfc BANK that membership fee has been deducted from my credit card to ONE ASSIST PLAN. without my permission.. i dont even know the company and this kind of unsolicited charging of my credit card and use of my card by the company is really a criminal act and the co.

Please deactivate and refund my money ASAP
date of incident : 10.28hrs. 6 dec 2017.