Scam or fraud: Zee Marathi — Majhya navryachi bayko

Submitted by: apoorvadesai

Complaint Details:
Out of all the insensible serials shown on z marathi i guess majhya navryachi bayko is the dumbest serial i have come across so far! I have seen a few episodes of this serial and i cant even begin to imagine how to write about this male centric, female demeaning serial! not only the story is extremely derogatory for women but also men are shown as pansies and obsessed with what is going on in other people’s lives! when shanaya cant cook shes shown as a woman who cant handle the “household” but when she ordered the food from outside for her bf’s parents shes conveniently termed as inaccurate! How is showing women only sitting at home, being dependent on their men-partners and keeping the in laws happy no matter how difficult they are to deal with can be considered as being “complete”? then the men complaint about how much “powder” shanaya applies and how she wears her clothes, this is so 18th century ! no one says anything about the man who is clearly cheating on his wife and how he dresses or how he cant cook ? is cooking only the responsibility of the woman ? how does radhika even want to get back together with her husband when hes clearly cheating on her ? why isnt it shown like radhika is strong and files a complaint and wins the case, gets alimony, gets a job/buisness and lives happily as in independent woman? when in reality only this is possible? why is it shown that no matter how terrible your man is, you are supposed to forgive him and make it work? why do the old people not support radhika to get a divorce and just pass foul comments on the mistress? i am not defending shanaya here but the way people talk about her is plain obnoxious! this is passing such a wrong message in the society and i am surprised people even see this stupid serial !