Scam or fraud: Yashashree Chs Ltd — Rude and unethical behavior of Secretary and Managing committee

Submitted by: arvind_k1972

Complaint Details:
I would like to inform you in my society building there are many unauthorized illegal occupancy and construction.

All open terraces have been completely covered by metal sheet and captured by the different flat owners. Another big problem is that people staying above my flat are throwing waste food, garbage and spoil materials that are causing sometimes very bad smell into my flat because it is just above the metal sheet and windows are right above the sheet.

Very surprising that the secretary of our society is staying right above my flat and his family members are creating this problem most of the times.

I personally brought this issue into the meeting of managing committee as well as in AGM verbally and in written but till now nothing is done and the Mal-practice is continue. I also showed them the photos of the said situation.

These types of Mal-practices are also dangerous for the residents and other members because stock of garbage and rotten materials can cause many dangerous diseases.

I also feel that secretary and some committee members are making the rules according to their convenience and for personal benefit to apply illegal charges and harass the members.

They just make the rules whatever they want give illegal permission to some of the members for illegal occupancy, open terrace covering and other constructions.

For your kind information I am staying out of the country and my flat is on rent so they always keep me or my tenant harassing for nothing by applying unnecessary penalty and charges which are nowhere justified by bye-laws or NMMC rules.

I am looking for your kind support and favorable action in this context of my above said complaint.

Best Regards