Scam or fraud: Wish Net — mis-behaviour from your end

Submitted by: cspdrao

Complaint Details:

Today we were facing certain issues with Internet, hence we called our service provider named Lokenath Cable Network. The concerned guy came and called at your Nagerbazar Hope for help. Someone name Rahul picked up the call and asked for certain technical things in a very rude manner which we could not give as we are the Tax Experts not the Tech Experts. I gave him the user id which was pdrao_ig and told him to find out the issue. Then he started scolding the concerned person from Lokenath Cable provided named Debashish to not call for such issues.

The behavior from your end was completely unprofessional and could not not be beared upon. We are paying you for your services and if you can’t provide the services or you feel frustrated in giving the services, please let us know, we will switch the provider.

Thank & Regards.

Lakshman shaw