Scam or fraud: Wesco — new meter connection – not installed from last 2 months

Submitted by:  ashish_banka

Complaint Details:

I had applied for 2 new meter installation setup on 18.05.2018. At that point of time they told me they would not allow me 2 meter installation at the same time. But after the first meter installation they would work for the second one.

For the first meter installation, I had to run to the WESCO office everyday 2-3 times and beg them to setup my meter and finally they installed the first meter on 10.06.2018 ( more than 20 days).

Thereafter, I requested them to install the 2nd meter as they promised me after the 1st meter installation but they simply ignoring me now by saying they don`t have the form for the new connection ( from last more than 1 month) and sometimes also replying me in rudely behaviour so that I would not come again.

I don`t know what is the Govt. Charges for the new meter connection but they initially took payment of Rs.5, 000/- for both the meter on 26.05.2018.

Needless to say there has been some anomaly or breach of duty.
I would be highly obliged if you could settle this matter in accordance with the provisions to the satisfaction of your customer.

Yours Sincerely

Ashish Banka
Cont: [protected]