Scam or fraud: Voice In Telenet — fraud.. looters

Submitted by:  Priyanka Welekar

Complaint Details:

I came to knew about this company on so I don’t trust as well now. Everyone is fraud. I lost Rs 5000.
I got a text saying
“Ur Interview is Fixed in Office No:41, 2nd Floor, Shetye Building, Dr d’silva Road, Dadar West, Near Yash Plaza. GPW6”
I called them and asked if there is any Registration charges, they said NO.
When I went there they interviewed me and said I’m selected in 1 round now I have to pay 1500 to go for second round and if I’m selected and back off I’ll not get my money refund. Then in less than 10 mins I had an telephonic interview and there I’m selected again and then they asked me to pay 3500 and gave the reason that it is a receipt validity and if I ever want to change the company they will do it without any further interview. I asked them what if I don’t want any other option I know I can manage . They said it is compulsary. I told them I don’t have money, I will need to go to ATM. (I wanted a chance to call my father to discuss this all) .I thought I’ll get a chance, but they sent there lady with me to the ATM.. And kept my original license so I can’t run away. I came and gave them money.. Then they said come tomorrow and pick your offer letter. I did it. But next day they haven’t gave me the offer letter but a paper which says I need to get the training.. This time they gave me different address. And said you have to come with 5000 and do this training and then you’ll get your offer letter. Here I was so confirm that it is a fraud
I want to give the phone numbers of these fraud team.
[protected], [protected]
I also have a picture of one of them but there’s no option to upload the picture.

Please stop these kind of frauds. Money matters and these kind of people just killing our hopes.