Scam or fraud: Vodafone India — Misleading / Misguiding the customers

Submitted by:  chandra_bose

Complaint Details:
I have had a very bad experience with the Telecommunication Giant Vodafone.
My billing cycle has a limit of 5gb 4g data however this month the billing cycle showed that the limit has been increased to 15 GB in my mobile app. hence I started to use my Internet more freely. however when i reached the 5gb i got a message which showed that my 4g data has been exhausted. when i learned this i immediately called the customer care number to check on this. I spoke with Abhilash on customer care number 198 and he highlighted to me that the information shown on the app is incorrect and my limit would be 5gb only and 10gb additional is wifi data. i was shocked to hear this i mean what is the use of 10gb wifi data on a cell phone and moreover it was nowhere mentioned on the app. when i put this question infront of him, he said “there is an issue on the app on which we are working on and hence is wrongly mentioned on the app”. I mean a company like Vodafone cannot make a necessary change to their app rather than misleading their customers. he registered my complaint and promised me a call back by the concerned department.
I got a call from 02271637031 where the representative was very rude on the call, he had a casual attitude and was least bothered to address my concerns and was not at all helpful. I had to explain him the whole story again and when I asked him is there any resolution to this he said there is no resolution to this and you will have to pay for the extra data you used post your 5gb limit.
There is a word called “customer Experience” which I think Vodafone as a brand should focus on rather than misleading their valuable customers by just focusing on making money.
I will have to seriously rethink whether I would want to continue with Vodafone anymore or not.