Scam or fraud: Vijay Sales — staff and product delivery

Submitted by: Akanksha Bigasia

Complaint Details:

I purchased a hitachi air conditioner and during the purchase I mentioned that the ac which has to be exchanged is partially down i.e its frame is in the place but the ac unit has been detached.The salesman didn’t mention any charges for that and when the ac arrived they demanded a certain amount to detach the frame. I called vijay sales and spoke to the salesman and he openly lied that i didn’t mention the frame. When I asked about his name he refused to tell me that either.

This complain is regarding Vijay Sales, Indirapuram branch. Since, I wasn’t told before of the additional amount they charged me even through I queried about it myself, the charges and behavior of staff is unacceptable and I would demand a refund and apology.