Scam or fraud: Videocon Industries — D2h

Submitted by: Shagul H

Complaint Details:
I have been a loyal customer for Videocond2h for more than 2 years now. Recently I had an issue with the d2h for the first time after the Cyclone in Chennai. I called the customer care on 15th dec 2016, 2days post cyclone and raised a case as there is no signal on d2h. I was told that the issue will be fixed in 2 days. After 2 days I received a message with the Technician name and phone number. Same day I received the call from the Tech confirming the address.

Tech did not come till evening, So I called him to check the status. He responded saying that this is not under his assigned area and will not be able to come and assist on this.

I phoned again the same day to customer care and spoke to the rep who said that he will escalate the case to the area head to fix the issue. There was no update till the next day.

I called them again the next day and Rep transferred the call to his supervisor. I spoke him and he promised the same thing that he will escalate the issue to the area head who will fix it. no response.

I called them again the next day and spoke to an another supervisor who started saying the same thing, so I requested to escalate this matter to his manager.
Manager came on the line with me. He promised that he will phone the area head and call me back with the update. I never received any call for two days. Now I am in a point to cancel the subscription and move to a different provider all together.

Affected customer ID: 105511960