Scam or fraud: Videocon Industries — d2h – videocon paisa vasool offer

Submitted by: sayzoheb123

Complaint Details:

Hello Team,
I had taken the D2h connection on 5/6/2010, as part of the same this Money Back certificate was also given.
This Money Back Certificate states:
We undertake to pay a sum of Rs.10, 000/- to you after expiry of 6 years and 11 months from the date mentioned at the top of Money Back Certificate on surrendering the certificate in original and on fulfillment of the T&C (overleaf).
This Card was surrendered to the Videocon BMO office (Auranagbad) on 22/7/17.
I did confirm the reciept, to which the lady stated it will take 3 months.
After call in October 2017, they stated you have not given you PAN Card (which as part of the email with the info was not stated) please submit the same so we can process. This made the date of receipt postponed to Jan 2018, on calling them they stated our accounts have been freezed from last October 2017 (Kindly note this could have been stated when i submitted my PAN card, but they didnt).
Now they made the offer that in terms of 10, 000/- videocon can provide you a product. I did check the products, and this being offered by the company itself then too was at the retail rates, after 2-3 calls i got a discount of 20% then too the price offered by dealers were cheaper than the rates offered by Videocon. Also the product i wanted was not available so i waited for couple of months ( i also did approach Hanuante from Pune office). I also called him on May asking for TV & Food Processor from Videocon, but he stated TV not available, FP will be from Kenstar not Videocon (as i already have a bad experience of Kenstar, i did not move forward). In July when i called in for the TV now they say, Videocon products have been barred from June, you have to take Kenstar products only. I asked for options they stated none available.

The thing is pretty clear Videocon is not true on its words, firstly for 10, 000/-., now they want the consumers to call each and everytime and will not even offer any kind of support.

I would like your help in getting the 10, 000/- INR as stated in the voucher, as a consumer i would be purchasing something cheaper rather than a monopoly price offered by Videocon, and now they are just guiding towards Kenstar. I am not interested in any products i would like to press more on the cash rather than products.