Scam or fraud: Vespa — irresponsible showroom staffs

Submitted by:  Dishosounds

Complaint Details:
When we pay about 94000®️ for this vechicle it must value for the money, otherwise what’s matter ? When i given my vechicle for the 4 services it had some issue regarding both shock absorbers not working properly (even single gutter we feels spring and not taking the efforts) it was not in the past, sounds coming both breaks and front fork, a large vibration and sound from vehicle, and I forced them to do oil change as well, after 3days they given back my vechicle, I pays about 757®️ I think what I got is the oil change and a perfect wash, other problems remains unchanged at all, when I said this problam again with the help of witness one of the service staff argument s with us roughly he hasn’t any interest us to do the job at all, this things make customers to never suggest this vehicle and showroom for others