Scam or fraud: Urbanclap — deep bathroom cleaning service: unethical behaviour

Submitted by:  praveena koduri

Complaint Details:

We booked for the service on 6/7/2018(thursday) at 12noon for 2 bathrooms . He cleaned one bathroom half and reported that he will be coming the next day . He is not reachable and after repeated attempts we waited till Sunday and complained to customer and booked another service the following day Monday . He came, and said that deep cleaning cant be done, we cant make it clean .

what kind of professional service as so called by Urban clap is provided charging at so higher .Minimum training is not provided by this service provider, basic ethics, commitment is not there in the service . We use Urban clap service for timely and professional service, easy maintenance which now it failed to provide . i could see that this is purely lack of training from management side .