Scam or fraud: Urban Ladder — Franco Leather Sofa

Submitted by: vipinchawla1981

Complaint Details:
I had placed an Order for Full Leather Sofa’s with order no. R417442100 on 24/09.2016. Firstly the delivery date confirmed to me while placing the order was postponed by 10-15 days via an email on 04/11/2016.

Finally the product was delivered on 02/12/2016. Upon receiving the product I was shocked to notice that the sofa was not full Italian leather but a mix of leather and leatherette. I brought this to the notice of the delivery staff but they refused to believe that and said that it is all leather only. However I escalated my case to the call center and was assured that a product specialist will visit to verify the product. After repeated visits of different people I was again assured that its all 100% genuine leather, only I was sure that it wasn’t since I have a very good knowledge of leather products. So finally another team came over to open the sofa to prove that its all leather but as they opened it they released that I’ve been right all along and the product is indeed only half leather and the rest is leatherette. They clicked some pictures and told me that they will revert me back.

Now today, out of the blue, I’ve received an email saying that my Sofas can’t be repaired and a replacement will be made against them.

I would like your help with the following:

1. Nowhere through out the entire process I have received an apology from the seller for a mistake on their part. No verbal phone call apologizing for the delay and the inconvenience caused. Just an email saying that a replacement will be made and that too without any delivery date confirmation. The callous attitude of the seller towards its customer is clearly visible here.

2. The very difference between the Italian Leather and Leatherette is not much and they appear to be the same to a common eye. When the product was being unpacked my parents also thought that it is all leather until I made them notice. My point is that this may have happened to others also with them noticing the difference just like my parents.

3. I have shifted into a new home and ordered the sofas for the same. The replacement mail that I’ve received does not confirm any delivery date. Its been more that 3 months since I ordered the product and its still unclear when will I receive what I actually ordered.

4. I would want some compensation towards the delay and inconvenience caused to me and also the effort I had to put it to make them admit that the product indeed was not what they had described while I placed the order.

I wish the companies should not use these unfair trade practices and be courteous towards its customers.

Thanks in advance