Scam or fraud: Uae Exchange — Gold loan-falsified information

Submitted by:  firos001

Complaint Details:
My parents went to UAE branch to get a gold loan after seeing a ad in newspaper 4ps scheme. We got a loan amount of 150000 loan against gold as one of executive told us that for a month interest would be 4ps . He didint tell after a month interest rate would be change as per the policy to customer. Second time when i visited the same executive after i came to know interest incresed, he said the same reason and demanding that customer should understand after a month the first month benefit will be fortified by imagination. How come a customer will think that after a month benefit will change, none of the customer will agreed for this option if slab will get change every month.That too for a high interest rate.

Can anybody help us, is there any solution for this . I know i have to pay my entire money to the bank and have to take gold. But for this professional cheating by a standard organization is trap and unforgivable. The name of the executive is Mr.Dinesh(Palkkad branch opp: Mission school). Being a 2 year in that office his arrogant answer once again made a pity feeling towards him and his company.