Scam or fraud: Trident Hyundai — i20 car

Submitted by: Prithi Xavier

Complaint Details:
I had purchased an I20 in 2015. Paid the full amount in the last week of September 2015 and i was informed car would be delivered by the 04th of October. I was later informed i would receive it by the 20th of October as there was heavy rains and flooding in Chennai and hence could not be delivered. After continous follow and finally i gave up on the morning of 25th of Nov’15, i requested my money be returned as it was already 2 months since i had paid and there was no sight of getting my car. Late evening at 9pm i get a call stating i could take delivery of the car. I was totally surprised as when i contacted them in the morning there was no mention.
Moreover the car had some features like the reverse camera for which i had not paid. When questioned i was informed they did not have a valid answer.I took delivery of the car and within 8 months the clutch box gave way and had to be replaced. Since it was still in warranty period it was replaced and i was informed i will not have any problem. This was in July’16.
Again in Nov’17, the clutch plate had to be replaced. I was assured now it is all fine and i won’t have any problem.
In Aug’18 same problem and the entire assembly had to be replaced which cost me approx 22000.
i got a call from the Service centre 3 days after i took delivery to check the performance of the car for which i informed them there was a noise each time i started and stopped the car. the Service executive requested me not to inform anyone and asked me to bring the car the next day.
that evening when i started the car there was a loud bang and the engine went up in flames.
I have not got any convincing report from Trident Hyundai on the reason why it went up in flames. I only got a mail stating that it was due to rodent bite but proper answer for all the queries raised by me or by my colleague who was working in an automobile industry.
This happened on the 19th of Aug and now its more than 2.5months and i have still not received my car. Rajesh BT who is supposed to be the head of Trident does not pick my calls not does he have the courtesy to respond to my messages or calls.
Not sure where i have to go to