Scam or fraud: Tikona — Mental Harrassment.

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Complaint Details:
Hello, I started using tikona in Feb 2015. They have a joke for Internet service. 25 out of 30 days were spent by me calling up the customer care for issues. This went on till December when I decided to stop their service. Called them up multiple times and told them that I am changing my Internet service provider from January 2016. Which I did.
I repeatedly asked them in Dec and Jan to take their antenna and wires. The calls probably went to deaf ears.
Then they started an overdue billing charges.
And today I received a threat call from some advocate in Delhi asking me to pay up or go to court. It was 1380. This is literal mental harassment. And judging from the various tweets sent out to the handle bajpai_prakash and the discussions on quora I know I’m not the only one.
Their customer service is non existent.
As a student, all I could do after the call was pay the bill but I do not want to let this slide as this company needs to be called out for the fraud service they are running.