Scam or fraud: Technotype — Data entry

Submitted by: Sushovan Ghorai

Complaint Details:
Its a 20 pages scanned images, our duty is these articles properly read and put in to the new text file, but these images are not clear, regarding that we just consult with them but they are saying if you can read do your work other wise leave it but refund is not possible

So we are taken the job and put our maximum effort to complete the job finally we have finished and sent to technotype after one week we call them they told me that the accuracy is very poor around 75% only so they cant paid

We asked at least pay the 75% amount they don’t agree it

So we feel that they are cheating because of they are not give the payment of 75% work and these type of companies are looting moneys in lot of poor persons in the name of accuracy