Scam or fraud: Tata Capital — Worst Bank

Submitted by:  Srinivas Reddy Amedapu

Complaint Details:
The performance of the employees of this bank is very very poor..
They can’t even understand what we are saying..
My Bad Experience is with the following employees:
Mr. Siraj, Mr. Ashok and Mr. Sudheer (TATA Hyderabad Employees)..

Dear Sir,
Home Loan No. 9800247.
The date of disbursement is on December 21, 2016..
Repayment Schedule should start from December 21, 2016, but started from November 25, 2016.

The Complete Story:
I think i have applied in the month of October 2016 for home loan balance transfer and top for 10 lakhs..
While applying, i have intimated your employees very clearly that, give the cheque on or before November 25, 2016 and if not possible give between December 20-25, 2016, because DHFL (my previous bank) charges interest for entire month if a month is started..

but your employees intimated me that i got a cheque on December 07, 2016. I told your employees clearly that, it is already December 07, 2016, DHFL will charge me interest for entire December month, so i don’t want this cheque, you please cancel this cheque and prepare another cheque dated between December 20-25, 2016, and start repayment schedule from the day when you are going to give the new cheque..

They told okay and they might have cancelled the prepared cheque and gave me the new cheque on December 22, 2016 (with dated December 21, 2016).

Now the problem is again they are charging interest and repayment schedule from November 25, 2016 even with new cheque which is given on December 22, 2016 (dated December 21, 2016).

I didn’t understand the point here is: I very clearly intimated your employees (Mr. Siraj) that DHFL bank charged interest till December 31, 2016, and rejected your first cheque (without even seeing it) and asked you to prepare another cheque between December 20-25, 2016 and start repayment schedule from the date of new cheque preparation..
Even after new cheque preparation if you charge interest from Nobember 25, 2016 what is the point in rejecting your first cheque by saying DHFL charged interest till December 31, 2016.
Means I have to pay interest at both the places for the period November 25 – December 31, 2016 (which is almost Rs. 8000+).

Please understand your employees mistake, which is cheque not given on or before November 25 if not possible on or before November 25, 2016 i asked them to give between December 20-25, 2016.

Because of your employees mistake/busy work do not push me into a situation where i have to interest at both the places for the period November 25, 2016 to December 31, 2016.

One of the important point is i didn’t take your money till December 22, 2016 (cheque dated December 21, 2016), by keeping this point in consideration, I request you to start repayment schedule form December 21, 2016..

for more clarification please call me at 9490 456 987..