Scam or fraud: Swiggy — wrong order placed

Submitted by:  Honey Jalan

Complaint Details:
I have ordered 300 gm white forest cake from cream and crust but when swiggy delivery went to the shop the order was not available in 300 gms so I changed my order and made it 500 gms white forest cake. Than in some time I got it delivered to my home. As I was out for some work so my another family member received that order. When I came home I found out that the cake was not white forest cake instead it was butter scotch cake. Now I ordered the cake for some ceremony and guest were already at my place so I had to cut that cake instead of complaining at that point of time. Inspire of changing my order due to unavailability of the same size cake, the order delivered was something else. I find this highly irresponsible and careless attitude of the team swiggy towards their customer.