Scam or fraud: Street Style Store — Order:not delivered

Submitted by: priyanka7147

Complaint Details:
I have placed the order((#988853) in the first week of October having two ITEMS and have done the online payment for it!

original order((#988853) was placed on 1/10/2016.

Nothing happened till Nov end, and later after complaining and writing several mails to the staff they split my order in two orders(details given below)having ONE-ONE ITEM each:


Almost after 3 month they delivered the order 1 in Dec, but order 2 is still pending, 3 month has passed away, they didn’t even dispatch the second item yet, even though after tagging the order under the “priorty distpatch” they are not taking it as a priority !!!

kindly deliver the item soon!!

unfortunate customer