Scam or fraud: Ston Technologies — fraud

Submitted by: iLooted

Complaint Details:
Just a header for people. Do not I repeat DO NOT ever register with this Company(Fake). I literally wrote 2200 forms and submitted it. I admit that I had about 30-40 wrong pages, on the website it said I had about 300-400 wrong pages. Today I got a mail saying if I don’t pay them the fee for not completing the work (7200) they will take legal actions. But something was off I knew it. They never explained the rules to us but only did when we signed the agreement. Not only that they never really gave us any info/history about their company. I knew something was fishy when I saw the high pay without any investment, yet I still fell for it. So don’t ever sign up with these people AND MAKE SURE THEY DON’T GET THE MONEY!