Scam or fraud: State Bank Of India [SBI] — I could not submit 4th semester ug fee through state bank collect as a foreign student

Submitted by: soumendu samanta

Complaint Details:
I want to submit 4th semester fee through sbi collect as a foreign student at NIT Durgapur. But in the drop down list of payment category, there is no option for foreign student.Which category should I choose for the payment ?
For 3rd semester I have done the payment through SBI Collect where Foreign student option was in payment category, but now that option is not in list.
I have chosen 4th semester UG variable fee category, but registration number is not accepting.
I already talk to SBI Branch Manager, RE college Branch. According to him, for foreign student, payment category is 4th Semester UG variable fee. I have tried with same but when i put registration number and submit, it’s showing “Please verify your data entered and try again”. But there is no mistake to put registration number. But the bank manager opens with my and its opening..What is the problem ? Please help.