Scam or fraud: Sony India — DAV TZ145 do not support TV / CABLE, MP4, AVI ETC

Submitted by: mannan02

Complaint Details:
I have purchased above said Home Theater from Vijay Sales on 11-Dec-2016. Your Service Engineer install the device on 13-Dec-2016. However, all files were not getting played properly. For example few files video could be seen, but audio could not be heard and visa-versa. Further, I am unable to have output of TV / CABLE to said device.

Your Service Engineer said he will report this problem. However, I did not receive any communication from Sony. Therefore, I reported the issue to Vijay Sales. I received a call from your Delhi Technical personnel and when I shared the issue, he said this is due to device not supporting high resolution files. He also mentioned that this device does not support HDMI ARC. He also added this being basic model, it does not support all the version.

I feel I am being not given the correct information during demonstration at the showroom. Further, I do not wish to have a device which does not satisfy my needs.

In light of above. may I humbly request you to please advice the amicable solution to me.

Looking forward for your favourable and prompt reply.

Best regards,
Nandkumar Shinde

MOB : 7738091650