Scam or fraud: — Need my compensation

Submitted by:  Hadi M Shamsudeen

Complaint Details:
Zyaden Silver Round Spectacle Frame FR212. Order id: 17247760563
I received this spectacle on time, and after unboxing i found a bend on the temples of frame and i didnt took it as seroius as usuall(iam buying the same product for 2nd time as the first product was tottaly defective). Atfer that i went to “eye wear shop” to get my lens with approciate power suggested by the doctor. After that i went to home and within a short period of time, i was affected by “severe headache” and my whole day had wasted on this headache.the next day i went to hospital for reporting the above problem and the doctor checked my spectales and told me that you should totally change the spectales to recover from headache and she also added that it is due to #BEND IN THE TEMPLES OF SPECTACLES. and i placed the request for refund and its underprocessing on snapdeal. But as i bought a new LENS for this frame which was totally waste for me
so, the rate of lens is rs350. So i request you provide me the rs350 as compensation along with the return of the product.
You can add 350rs to my freecharge account

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