Scam or fraud: — Item not deliver even after 10 days

Submitted by: subhan2010

Complaint Details:
Dear Sir,
With Reference to my snapdeal Order No 17245166837 Dated 12 Dec 2016 which is prepaid order, which suppose to be delivered by 14 Dec 2016 as per snapdeal Gold Benefits. When i contacted to snapdeal through email as product was not delivered by even 15 Dec 2016, i got a response that the date is revised to 20 Dec 2016 without giving any reason. When i tried to reply to that mail it was shown delivery failed.
Today is 21 Dec 2016 and timing is 2200 Hrs but till now also this order is not deliver even in snapdeal website also there is no tracking record available where is this item actually available rite now. While trying to contact to customer care through email there is no response even after sending 3 remainder through mail. Snapdeal customer care is so horrible that continuously trying even after 3 days i am not able to connect them as their IVR system is such F**king which i can’t explain in words. Finally on 20 Dec 2016 i got connected with customer care executive through telephone. As per customer care executive and snapdeal senior supervisor, item reached bangalore on 19 Dec 2016 and it suppose to be deliver by 20 Dec 2016 so i suppose to wait till 21 Dec 2016.
On 21 Dec 2016, when i again contacted them (Customer care executive plus supervisor) they repeat the same language to wait for another 24 Hrs. When i asked them to cancel the order and refund my amount immediately then they said amount will refunded only after that item will received back by seller. Shocking news is that this order come via snapdeal logistic only (Third Party is not involved in it shipping) but still snapdeal not known where is that product and why logistic are not able to deliver it moreover as per customer care executive they don’t have any channel to do contact with bangalore office.
In 2014, i purchased memory card from snapdeal and after that i never purchased anything again as i know how poor service these people provides to their cusotmers. This time i got a message from freecharge regarding the offer and connectivity with snapdeal freecharge thats why i ordered this product because of freecharge and moreover i thought may be snapdeal become faster in this time period but i was wrong snapdeal never ever changed. Snapdeal is famous for lazy logistic, lethargic service, horrible customer care etc etc but still i am not able to understand why freecharge took this step to combine with snapdeal. Hey freecharges, you guys are doing very well in yours own field and why you also want to spoil your reputation too along with snapdeal. Please wake up freecharge otherwise i am also going to use yours services also as other alternate (Paytm, Mobikwik, Jiomoney etc etc) are also available in market like Flipkrt, amazon.
I am writing this email to you Mr CEO to bring a matter of failure (poor services)in your knowledge as I am really very disappointed with the services I got everytime! U can check my other order no 17373771773 dated 18 Dec 2016, which are coming from Bangalore only but still its not deliver when i asked to customer care regarding the same, they told me delivery time period is from 22 to 26 Dec 2016 so we can’t deliver it before that time period, Disgusting service provider.
i ordered Whirlpool 190 Ltrs (order no 17342178699) from snapdeal but because of their this type of behaviour i cancelled it and again i ordered it from flipkart order no OD207892086328042000 dated 18 Dec 2016 at 1825 Hrs and i got this product on 19 Dec 2016 at 0800 Hrs early in the morning and that also its under normal delivery without paying even a single coin for fast delivery. This is called service thats why Flipkart and Amazon are awesome as they are able to deliver their product in 12 Hrs not like snapdeal who are not able to deliver even the local product in 3 Days, I think EBay is also much much better than snapdeal.
Last but not the least:
(1) If you are not able to provide the service in time then please stop cheating to their customers.
(2) Wake up Mr CEO else snapdeal will also behave like Kingfisher airlines.
(3) Freecharge please stop doing business with such type of fraud company. This time i am sufferer because of you guys only.
(4) Please learn things from Flipkart and Amazon how to do business and wats the customer satisfaction.

sunil bhandari