Scam or fraud: Smsgatewayhub Technologies Resources Private Limited — unauthorized deduction of messages available for my usage

Submitted by:  Kapil Bhateja

Complaint Details:

Service Provider – Provide messaging Solution to Businesses

Date – 21/1/16
Invoice No. – SMSG/15-16/IND/5900
Amount – Rs 1717.50 Inclusive of Taxes
Bought 5000 transactional & promotional messages with effective rate of Rs 0.345 per message

1- bought 5000 transactional messages for (including Tax) with effective rate of per message

Date – 26/5/16
Invoice No. – SMSG/15-16/IND/6462
Amount – Rs 10, 300 Inclusive of Taxes
Bought 100000 transactional & promotional messages with effective rate of Rs 0.103 per message

They have provided me the package of these messages with an option to use as the way and whenever i seem fit to use it

But without intimation and knowledge they have deducted large amount of messages on 15 May 2018. When i raised a query, they shared a blog on their website stating change in prices.

By this reversed message deduction only partly. My Objection to this

1) How can they change the price for the services they already committed to provide a given rate.
2) Why change in price condition was not stated at the time of making proposal.
3) On being demanded they have not shown my acceptance of this price hike condition
4) In the invoice they raised they sated – “We Declare that this Invoice Shows the Actual Price of the Goods described and that all particulars are True and correct.” without any mention of condition that prices may change in future or applicability of any terms and conditions
5) Why no specific intimation to the customers.
6) Random calculation, with no basis or justification

Need Full messages credit back and unhampered services for money already paid