Scam or fraud: Skullcandy — ink’d wireless earphones

Submitted by: kris_kanha

Complaint Details:
On June 12, 2018, night, I connected my Skullcandy Ink’d Wireless Earphones for charging and went for a bath. After 30-40 minutes when I saw that the earphone is not charging as the light was not ON; I went to check it. As soon as I put my fingers on the charging side end, I found that It was heating. I ejected the charging cable from the port and re-inserted it. But while doing so, when I touched the charging port cover, it came off as It was melted at the one end. Seeing this, I didn’t connect it for charging for quite some time and around after 5-10 minutes, I re-connected it for charging and luckily it was charging. But It stopped charging after some time. Later, I found that the buttons cover was also coming off the earphone at one end. At the same time, I visited Skullcandy website to see the “contact us” options. Call was not available at that time, so, I wrote an email. Next day, I contacted the customer support via phone around 10:20 am and was asked to send some screenshots after explaining the scenario. I sent the asked images but later, I was refused to get it covered under warranty due to physical damage. But I don’t understand how this was a physical damage. This was a case of charging issues which resulted in some outer damages. But you guys are just seeing the outer damages and completely ignoring the main issue. This is really a heartbreak for me as It’s been only 4 months since I purchased this earphone. If i see it, I’ve paid ₹750/month for this earphone which is not worth at all. And, the thing is that, I’ve been paying for the fault which I didn’t make.