Scam or fraud: Samsung India — samsung s7 edge motherboard issue

Submitted by: nikhilkumark

Complaint Details:

* I have purchased Samsung s7 edge around 24th July 2016 for 54000 RS in Hyderabad.
* In less than 3 month if my purchase i.e. November 2016 screen got broken and I have replaced the screen around January 2016for ~ 14000 RS.
I had my struggles for warranty and finally ended up paying for the screen replacement.

* Almost exactly after one year of my phone starting hanging for no reason and finally on first week of April it stopped working.

* When taken to Samsung service center in Ameerpet, Hyderabad. I was told it is a software problem and once i have it updated it will resolved and it will cost me 1200 RS and asked me to come after 3 to 4 hours.
When i arrived to collect the mobile they have informed me that it is mother board problem and i have to replace it and it will cost me another 14000 RS.

*Now if i pay this money then total cost of mobile will be rs 54000 mobile cost + 14000 screen replacement + now 14000 motherboard = rs 82000.00/- within 21 month after the date of purchasing.

Today when i checked Amazon the same mobile is available for RS 36, 500.00 and in flipkart it is RS 29, 950.

I did not expect this short life of costly Samsung mobile product. Now i m loosing my hope on samsung mobile and your brand regarding the durability.

Prior purchasing S7 edge mobile i have purchasing “samsung galaxy grand” mobile and used for close to 4 years(almost since 2012)

I want to convey this to samsung india / global. Please help me if it is possible to waive my mobile’s motherboard cost. Now i have no strength and confidence to purchase your any costly and branded product if u not consider my problem.