Scam or fraud: Samsung India — refrigerator with 10 years of warranty creating issues in 5 years


Complaint Details:

We purchased a Samsung Double Door Refrigerator on July 14, 2013 from SRS Electronics, RDC Ghaziabad.. The refrigerator came with 10 years warranty on compressor, however, even before completing 5 years, compressor has begun to create problems. Even after registering complaint once and paying for the gas filling charges, in month’s time again, the compressor has stopped working and the refrigerator has stopped cooling.

Since, we are offered 10 years of warranty on the compressor, constant fault in the compressor, is something which needs serious consideration and strict action. We being a faithful customer cannot be looted of our hard earned money on the account of service charge and gas filling charge, each time . Moreover, what is worth noticing is when, the compressor comes with 10 years of warranty, and creating problems within 5 years of its purchase, it is sure that there is some major issue with the quality of the compressor and hence you need to replace it completely at its own cost, instead of charging money from us for each gas filling.

There is some major defect with the compressor or the service provided by your customer service. We cannot expect to deal with such problem every month in such scorching heat.

Expecting quick and fast redressal