Scam or fraud: Sahara Q Shop — not disposal of claim

Submitted by: grn

Complaint Details:

I am sorry to state that during the year 2010 I have invested in Sahara Housing bond. Unfortunately these bond converted in 2012 in another scheme of Sahara called Q Shop . The payment against Q-shop was to be made in 2018. Now the manager of Sahara, Tezpur branch express inability for payment and asked to change the bond in another scheme of Sahara. It is quite unfortunate that the law of the land so withered that a person under the nose of the Govt. deliberately and freely violating the law of the land and cheating to the innocent public. Is there any coalition between the official of the Govt. and Sahara. It is shameful that the PM of India who speak more and announce more and talk of his soul through Radio ( Man ki Baat) do not speak a single word in this regard