Scam or fraud: Renault — technical fault

Submitted by: Gourav Chandela

Complaint Details:
It is to submit that I had gone to Bulandshahr to visit my in-laws. On the way back the steering stop functioning smoothly and within few minutes to came to stand still position. I narrowly escaped a major accident. It could have been a matter of life and death. Because of the condition at that time I had to get the fixed from a nearby machanic and somehow reached home. It is pertinent to inform that my whole family was be in the car and had I not applied my mind it would have been end for me and my family.
Sir, I have purchased this car in 2017 & have invested my hard earned money in it. Last year I have also faced a technical issues in my car i.e. leakage of clutch cylinder. I have done my car service few months before.
The last thing I would have expected from this car is to perform in this manner. My whole family is in trauma & are even afraid of sitting in the car.
I urge you to look into the matter & take all necessary steps to get my car fixed & provide me appropriate amount of compensation for the trauma for this technical fault of the car.
Gaurav Singh
Duster DL1CV 9655