Scam or fraud: Reliance Jio Infocomm — providing a fake complaint portal that is not responding correctly

Submitted by: Yash_1099

Complaint Details:

Date : 29/05/2018
I have complaint to them through mails several times and they are doing there time pass with me by asking same details about moblie and location again and again.I had given them the details the very first time they had asked and still instead of solving the problem they as behaving as if I am talking to a animal and repeats its same sound whatever I may be telling .
I have all the emails of them
Solution : Asking for refunding after deducting the used

Three major complains among the community mass using jio service are
1. Slow network issue for internet as the speed many a time is less than 2G speed even if having a 4G plan
2.They have made a fake app named NetVelocity in plays store that shows fake internet speed just to fool the customers. You can read the plenty of reviews of the app yourself
3.Not responding for complaints made by me, at least they should reply well