Scam or fraud: Reliance Communications — Broadband internet service not working for about a month

Submitted by:  Swapnil Devikar

Complaint Details:
I am waiting for resolution on my complaint that was made on December 9th.
I have made about a couple of dozen calls to the service center to get my internet working again. Unfortunately, nobody has bothered to send a technician to take a look at the issue, despite several promises to resolve the issue within 24 hours. Reliance customer service representatives are refusing to open a new ticket, because there’s one already open for about a month now. It is not only pathetic but also sad that Reliance as a company is unable to provide a service for which it is happy to charge its customers.
I have had a similar experience two years ago and gave Reliance another chance, after they reached out to me following a Facebook posts. Unfortunately, the service level has deteriorated and the customer care seems to be specifically trained to lie and make false promises to customers.