Scam or fraud: Reliance Communications — 4G services

Submitted by: arpanash

Complaint Details:

I have a reliance GSM phone connection (number 9595540799) and am very disappointed by the services & the ways customer is treated by reliance. I am writing this complaint as I am not able to get any resolution to my repeated requests to activate 4G services on my phone.

Here is the context:
1. I took the phone connection sometime in August thinking it was a 4G connection, but it turned out to be a 2G.
2. I spoke to customer care who told me to get my SIM changed to a 4G SIM card and that should solve the problem.
3. In November, i reached the Reliance store in Aundh and took a 4G SIM by paying Rs 100. I was told the old SIM will get deactivated and the new will be activated in 48 hours. However, it has not happened. It has been a month since then and I have made numerous calls to customer care / Reliance store / 1299 and no one is able to do anything about it. All i get to hear is to wait another 48 hours. This is not done for a company of this level.
4.From the Reliance store, I got the number for appellate authority, I called on this number and the response is still same that “you have to wait” I don’t know when this wait will come to an end. I am really frustrated with all this.

My Request: I would like to activate my 4G services immediately. In case you are not able to do that, please provide me a reason for why I should not file a complaint against Reliance for cheating and duping money for fake SIM card.