Scam or fraud: Pune Municipal Corporation — pmc – monument of dc rules violations

Submitted by: skjvirtuoso

Complaint Details:

Courtesy Pune Municipal Corporation – the commercial building Solitaire on Plot No 1 and 2, S. No 131, ITI Road, Aundh, Pune is monument of violations of DC regulations.

It is one only 7 floor building standing among the other compliant 5 floors commercial buildings on ITI road. Despite being in R-1 residential zone its frontage (Porch and a single entry cum exit main gate) without any compound wall is duly permitted on the side abutting far less than 9 meters narrow Gulmohar park lane instead of being on ITI road.

This privileged building has the Non-ITE companies operating their Corporate/business offices while R-1 residential zone DC rule allows only Information technology establishment (ITE) (pertaining to software only) on the plots/premises FRONTING ON ROADS HAVING WIDTH 9.00 M. AND ABOVE.

Despite knowing that the violations are causing serious inconveniences for the residents of the lane, the PMC is rejecting the complaints to maintain the status-quo of the monument.