Scam or fraud: Problems with street dogs — Problems with Street Dogs

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Dear Sir,

We stay in Sai Nagar Colony, R.C. Puram, Near Saibaba Temple, Bhel Bus Depot Road, Patancheru, Telangana, Landmark : Near Saibaba / Hanuman Temple, Sainagar COlony.

There are 10-15 Stray Dogs approx. roaming around in our area. Very frequently they attack the kids and also the people, who are visiting temples. People become hospitalized due to dog-bites.These dogs are creating many problems to locality.. They attack the kids who are coming from the schools, mostly, in the afternoon / evening or sometimes in the nights. Children play outside and elders are also visiting these temples regularly. They create lot of nuisance and whole night they keep on barking and we are not able to sleep in the nights. Dogs are chasing us, due to fear we have to run, they are causing trouble to children and sr.citizens. Due to this problem we are afraid to go out, especially in the nights, as there are not Street Lights too in some of the Lanes here. We humbly request you to take immediate action, in catching these dogs. Please do the needful. Thanking you sir