Scam or fraud: People-Group / People Interactive India — lustful man

Submitted by: Reema Chhabra

Complaint Details:
I am 32 yrs old and I met a man through who looked and behaved as Gentleman. When I saw him, I rejected him on the spot but he kept on calling me that I am very much interested in you, let us spent sometime and then we will get married.We started meeting and somehow I was mentally convinced by him and inclined.He was the father of 17 yrs old son and I was ready to accept him.His age was 53 which later on I discovered as he had mentioned as 41. I inclined towards him and we dated for 2 years. At the beginning he said that we will understand for a one year and then we will get married and I was agreed on this point. After one year, when I started asking him to get married then he started lingering on and later on he said that he only wants a Live in Partner and don’t want to marry.Before me also, he met some females and did the same. I was very upset. He then started ignoring me because I always insisted him to marry.I was very much depressed with his act that I tried to commit suicide. I cried like a hell with a regret that what I had done, why I trusted him as I am divorced and have had been through a severe critical past and again this thing happened with me.It made me totally broken then I decided to expose him for which I have mentioned the whole story above.
Person Details:
Name: Sunil Sharma
Address: Santacruz, Mumbai
Please don’t trust this man as he is a fraud and do not get attracted by wine and dine with him as only looks females to fulfil his lust.