Scam or fraud: Paytm — Money has been deducted from my Bank account but didn’t add on my Paytm Wallet

Submitted by:  ankitsingh2811

Complaint Details:
I have made three transactions of Rs.200, Rs.130 and Rs.300 to add on my Paytm wallet. All Amount has been deducted from my bank account but they didn’t add to my Paytm wallet .Please refund my amount of Rs.200, Rs.130 and Rs.300 as soon as possible.The transaction id for Rs.300 payment is Transaction ID: 2451758896 and for Rs.200 and Rs.130 I have not received even any transaction id.I have mailed to the Paytm for this issue but they are not even replying me.Its my kind request to take some serious action against this e-commerce website PAYTM. And please returb nt full amount RS.200, Rs.130 & Rs.300 soon.