Scam or fraud: Paytm Mobile Solutions — Providing Marchendise & Giving My Payement.

Submitted by: kjlmndl4

Complaint Details:
Respected Sir,
With due respect I am Kajal Mondal a Paytm Force, my Id No. is “KK10285″ inform you that some month ago a advertisement was published on a daily news paper on ‘Anandabazar Patrika” from “Paytm” that give a miscall this number, the number is 7053111921 and joined us as a “Paytm Force” and earned up to 15, 000/- per month as a Part-time/Freelance job. So I miscalled this number from my number “9002282032” and some days after they were contacted me and tell that I am selected for “Paytm Force” and they give me a training for this job at Kolkata. Then I went to Kolkata at their Office and take their training during training they tell me that my work will be to sign up account of retailer merchant with Paytm and upgrade their Paytm Wallet to KYC for cashless transaction and they give me 100/- (hundred rupes) per account sign up. Then complete my training some days after I went their Office again at Kolkata and they provided me 30 pcs. Merchandise like ” Paytm Accepted Here Sticker, QR Code Sticker” etc and Installed an application “GG app” to my mobile phone” and registered with my above noted mobile no. And then I started my work at field like market for sign up merchant in Paytm and KYC upgrade their wallet, Then I signed up 18 (eighteen) merchant approx with Paytm and upgrade their wallet KYC successfully. So I eligible to get 1800/- (one thousand eight hundreds rupees) as their condition but they paid me only 441/- (four hundreds forty one rupees) as two time one they paid me 189/- (one hundred eighty nine rupees) and then 252/- (two hundreds fifty two rupees), then upto still date they are not paid my due payment to my Paytm wallet no. 9002282032. I also informed you that there a problem was found that the ‘QR code stickers'” which are provided by them to me are not successfully activate, so I went again their office at Kolkata on 21.12.16 to change the “QR code Stickers” and collect other merchandise like “Paytm Accepted Here Sticker, Standy, Laminate polythine” etc. but they are not provide me the above noted articles and tell me that I cant not do this job as Partime/Freelance as per order, If I want to do this job I will be as a Full time worker and they give me salary per month up to 12000/- to 15000/- but I cannot do this job as Full time worker because I am already engaged an another side, So I beg to report you that If it is the condition of their for doing this job, so why they are harassed me and why they published advertisement for joining “Paytm Force” as Partime/Frelance. I am totally cheated by them and loosed my time. So I pray before your honour kindly took the necessary step against “Paytm” and obliged.

Yours faithfully
Kajal Mondal
Dtd. 26.12.16