Scam or fraud: Paytm Mobile Solutions — Money not transferred from paytm wallet to my bank account from 10 days

Submitted by: Kartikm72

Complaint Details:

I am using Paytm since 2 years.
I used to face small issues which were resolved within some time but this time I got really frustrated and wanted to share my experience.
I transferred my 3000 Rs from my Paytm wallet back to my SBI account around 10 days back.
I got a message from Paytm that the money will be credited to my bank account within a week. But nothing has happened yet.
They dont even have a call centre no. Everything is done via e-mail which is also reverted back after 3 days of writing a mail on Paytm/care by them.
Then i got message by Paytm showing a reference number that SBI has send this ref no. to Paytm that the amount has been credited to bank account and for any grievance contact the bank branch.
I went to SBI in CP. Had a word with branch manager and showed him that reference no. I was shocked when he said that this reference no. is fake. They havent send any ref no. to paytm.
I mailed to paytm 2 days back and informed everything happened in the bank but still waiting for their reply.
I am very frustrated now and wish to visit their office directly in next few days.

I am still in dilemma that on one side our PM is motivating us on going cashless.But if these false practises by these e-commerce companies happen how consumer is going to accept the cashless changes. Infact this will turn people bankrupt.