Scam or fraud: Paytm Mobile Solutions — Money deducted from Bank but not received in my paytm passbook

Submitted by:  Affair

Complaint Details:
Sir, 22/12/16 I transferred RS 500/- from my Viyaya bank SB a/c, it was instantly deducted and I duly received the SMS through bank but the amount was not credited in my paytm passbook till the date.Rs. 500 Withdrawn from your A/c *********000212 Details: POS/NOIDA/PAYTM/12:20:50/63570.Tot Bal:42156.67CR Avl Amt:- 18156.67(22-12-2016 12:19:36) This is the SMS copy which was sent to me by bank. Today 5 days has passed so that I am making the complaint to you & hope I will soon get my money to my paytm passbook or reverse to bank a/c . ARVIND GUPTA, Mob 9212732303