Scam or fraud: Paytm Mobile Solutions — Excess Money deducted from PayTm wallet

Submitted by: RamCVS

Complaint Details:
I hired a MERU CAB from the Meru Counter- T-2 arrival terminal, Mumbai yesterday (25.12.16) at about 3.00pm. I was given a ticket bearing number 478352 for RS 100.00 and asked to take Meru Cab MH 02____ 9220. I reached my destination at Chembur/Deonar and the fare shown was RS 325.00. I used the Paytm facility and paid the amount from my Paytm wallet.

There was no message from MERU or Paytm on my phone or the driver’s phone regarding the fare at the destination. However, I paid out RS 325.00 as shown on the meter. To my surprise, after the CAB driver had left, I received a message that an amount of RS 900.00 has been deducted.

Since the driver did not get a message on his phone immediately, he took the slip which gives the details of the driver and cab number. He wanted the slip to show MERU office.

I also noticed another meter just above the fare meter, which showed an amount of RS 550.00 Plus (I do not remember the amount exactly).

Since the driver asked for the second slip, I have reason to believe that there is something hanky panky with the dealings of either MERU or Paytm or both. I travel regularly from T2 terminal and I know the fare varies between RS 325 and RS 343.00.

Strangely last time too the driver did not get the message on his phone, though the exact amount was deducted from my Paytm wallet. The driver came back to my destination to say that there is credit from Paytm. However, I could show that it was deducted from my Paytm wallet.

I am a senior citizen and all I am interested is getting the excess RS 575.00 back. At the present rate of Paytm resolving issues (i.e. 4%), I wonder whether you will address my issue, during my life time. It is very painful for me to keep checking and wasting my time. I must say your service is TERRIBLE TO SAY THE LEAST.

I hope you will resolve the issue favourably before 31.12.2016.

Ram (C V Sitharam)
Tel: 09323733566
PS: The MERU counter people at T2 arrival. wrongly entered the telephone number as 9323733576. I noticed this error at the destination.