Scam or fraud: Payment Taken Twice By Swipe. — Payment taken twice by swipe.

Submitted by:  Shrenik gandhi

Complaint Details:
We visited Star Hyper Bazaar, at Korum Mall Thane and did a shopping. When we reached the billing counter, it was terribly crowded and there was some problem with swiping of debit/credit cards due to some server problems
(11th December 2016).

When first time we swiped our debit card, the transaction was not completed (Time 5.41 PM) as per the billing clerk and again the billing operator made us swipe the card again (Time 5.43 PM).
However, both the time the payment was taken by Star Hyper Bazaar, ( Rs. 853.30) and we had received SMS from bank for these both payments and our account was debited twice. When we contacted our bank they had confirm that the payment is taken twice by merchant banker.

When we again contacted the Star Hyper Bazaar, there is no proper reply and we lost our money due to their fault. The moment it was happened, I complained to the Star Bazaar, Manager, ( With great difficulty and nearly wasting an hour), who gave us in writing that if amount is not refunded in 72 hours, The Star Bazaar would refund the same.

We contacted star Bazaar, same Manager, after a week and again complained verbally, but they were reluctant to take any action. I have collected a statement of my Bank, where in twice the money is debited..

I request you to take a suitable action and look in to matter and refund our said amount. Instead of we go digitally, we are loosing the trust in the system. For Star Bazaar, they got money twice and enjoying where as, consumer is suffering. I request you to look in to the matter, and take a suitable action and refund our money with our hardships in this matter.